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The Gift of the Rewrite

When my boys were young traveling was a challenge. As we sped down the highway to the airport exit, my husband, well aware of my flight anxiety and crowd aversion, would say an approximation of this:

"This is going to be stressful. We both will say things we don't mean. All we can do is the best we can and try not to take it each other's frustration personally. It won't be easy and things may go wrong, but we will get through it."

Did this prevent disaster? Did it prevent my boys from fighting or throwing a tantrum? Did we only say kind things?

No. No. And most definitely...


Imagine taking these two through airport security. It's exactly like this picture looks.

But it did take the edge off when those unpleasant moments arose (see above).

This journal prompt is all about naming our struggles and helping us shift our perspective regarding them.

Write down 3 things you are struggling with:

  • Training my new puppy while managing the behavior quirks of our rescue dog

  • Lacking confidence in my writing and content and the vulnerability it requires

  • Learning social media skills and the tremendous effort (and many errors) needed to reach my potential audience

You can do this rewrite exercise with all three, but for now pick one:

I chose my failings and fumbles as a dog trainer (don't get me start on dog grooming see also A Wise & Ordinary Self ).

As a Learner:

Even though I've had help from a trainer, I am still very much a novice. If it is a struggle it's because these are new skills I am using and trying to impart.

Forecast of Potential:

While it is hard now, it's likely, over time, behavior will improve (mine included).

Name Your Limitations:

Nora will never be a perfect dog. Neither will Oakley. If I wanted perfect, I should have gotten a stuffed animal (or, did I?).

Silver Lining:

We would have never been able to rescue Nora if she was well-behaved. Her quirks are the very reason we have her. Therefore, they are beautiful.

Now combine all of these rewrites into one paragraph you can call upon in times of desperation.


I am not a professional dog trainer and perfect pets are not possible. Therefore, I can give myself a break. After all, imperfect is why Nora is here and she is a gift.

Maybe all imperfections are upside down gifts if we look at them with grace by our side.

Or with a really adorable, loving, goofy, awesome rescue dog.

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댓글 2개

Beth Brubaker
Beth Brubaker
2022년 3월 19일

Beautiful perspective, thank you!

Diana DeVaul
2022년 3월 19일
답글 상대:

Thank you. I can’t always rewrite in the moment, but that’s okay. Imperfect can be beautiful!

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