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Humanity vs. Divinity

This journal prompt may start out a little rough, but hang with me through to the end.

List 3 qualities about your human experience you wish could be different:

① My anxiety

② My sensitive personality

③ Lots of physical traits, too numerous to list see also (I Don't (Completely) Love the Way I Look) to get more specific. For now, I'll just go with the rolls on my not-very-flat stomach no matter how many

planks I do.

See? Not so fun.

Here's where it gets interesting. It's time to transform them. We are going to forge our humanity into a celebration of our divinity.

I'll show you how.

First, pick the one thing from your initial list that is really bothering you today. Since I just worked out and my body looks exactly the same as when I started, I'll choose that. Then, we take it and flip it around into something that is more true. You'll be able to tell if it's true because it will sound and feel like love. Anything else is an outright lie.

Here goes...

My body, while not culturally accepted as ideal has taught me about the universal nature of insecurity. No one is perfect. Even if we are at peace with how we look, suffering and feeling like a misfit is a part of the deal of being human. My flaws are what connect me to everyone else.

I'm still going to do some planks though.

This journaling exercise is all about creative thinking and questioning the beliefs that are hurting us.

Let's crack the doorway to truth on another one on the list.

I'm going to choose my sensitivity.

My sensitivity allows me to experience subtle nuances that are soul-stunning. I am awake to the wonder that others might miss as ordinary. This allows my heart to embody deep gratitude even in life’s simple moments.

When I think of my sensitivity this way, I kind of feel like a bad-ass. Albeit it a

very quiet one, but a bad-ass nonetheless.

Here's a quick turnaround for the last on my list:

Anxiety forced my hand inward which has become the most profound and beautiful journey of my life. I wouldn't be here, right in this moment, writing these words for you. What an honor and privilege this is.

Trust me, I know it can feel really hard to turn some of our ingrained, hurtful beliefs around. I'm not asking that you magically believe something about yourself that you aren't ready to believe. All we are doing is simply inviting the possibility of a different experience into our awareness.

Do this exercise for one or all three, or maybe none and just give yourself a hug for even showing up and reading it through to the end. Let it settle into your being and come back to it later.

A questioning mind will blossom into an awakened heart.

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