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Flames of freedom

How often do you stop and focus on how you feel?

Once a day?

A week?

A year?

When you do allow yourself to slow down enough and connect your attention inward, does it feel good? Are you reminded how awesome you are? Do you want to keep going?

Going inward can feel good on occasion but we also have to burn through all the illusions holding us back from peace. This is hard. You will not believe the crazy judgments swimming around your head. To think these go unchecked most of the time, it makes you wonder how much of your day is spent running from these thoughts and how much of your day is dedicated to you just being you.

I started meditating daily about ten years ago, not because I wanted to, but because raging anxiety

and panic attacks forced my hand. Either I was going to go inward and start to address my inner, negative, fear-based chatter, or I was about to implode. The constant running from my feelings no longer worked.

Though difficult at times, this path has taught me I am more than the fearful thoughts in my head. What remains cannot be articulated, it can only be experienced. It's like Love is a fire extinguisher foaming over the flames of our deepest fears and insecurities.

What remains always leads us to safety.

We are not meant to burn ourselves out of pain, we are meant to extinguish what we are able to with loving awareness.

Illuminated by our own soul-beauty, we will rise from the ashes whole-hearted and free.

Inward & Onward

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Jan 30, 2022


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