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Crafting A Soul Statement

In this exercise, we will start with five prompts that describe ourselves. Then, we will carve away to the core of truth and create a singular mission statement of authenticity.

This will be our soul statement.

Don't overthink. Just write and have fun. I'll share my process to help you spark yours.

1. Describe your views of a higher power (or the absence of one):

I experience something greater than my individual self when I turn towards love.

2. The best compliment I've ever received outside of my partner or immediate family:

Martha Beck, someone I admire, compared me to Byron Katie (this is high praise in spiritual circles).

Spending time at Londolozi with Martha was a dream come true!

3. I feel most at home when...

There is Quiet, my heart is open, and there's a dog on my lap.

4. Unconditional love looks like...

Accepting myself and others exactly as we are.

5. A life metaphor that resonates for you...

The ocean, infinite and true, is always calm and steady no matter the passing weather systems.

Now, go back through each prompt and underline one phrase or theme that resonates for you. Write them in list form so you can see them all together:

  • turns towards love

  • Byron Katie

  • with an open heart

  • acceptance

  • infinite & true

Combine these into your soul statement:

"Like Byron Katie, I vow to turn towards love with an open heart and bring what is infinite and true to all I encounter."

Soul statements reflect where we are in a moment of time. As our life shifts and our experiences grow, this will change the themes of our statements. Make sure to revisit yours periodically.

I would love to read yours if you are willing to share. I know it takes effort to do this work and courage to share it with others.

I will welcome yours with an open heart (see above).💖

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