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Always with Love

This practice combines the logical side of our minds with our imagination to cope with life’s transitions.

First, choose the name of someone (pets included) that is no longer a part of your life. This could be

due to life leading you in different directions or it could be a loved one you lost. We are going to honor how they helped shape who we are today by making an acrostic poem with their name.

Here’s my example, I chose my Mom’s name (Joan Elizabeth):

Just because

Our hearts


No longer here, together

Every time I hear the call of the cardinal

Life continues to move your love through me

In time, the pain of losing you has softened

Zillions of stars shaped into constellations

Always reminds me of how you would name them for me

Beautiful Orion holding up the sky

Eternally watching over me

To know I am loved

Hoping you see me, wherever you are

Don’t overthink, or judge. Just let it flow through you.

The next step is to pick a word which represents a trait or gift they bestowed on you. Write an acrostic on how this gift has enhanced your life.

Endings are hard but they always leave us altered in kind and beautiful ways.

I chose the word ‘humor’ because laughing with my mom in the past is exactly like how much I laugh with my boys in the present.

However many times

Universal laughter

Makes my shoulders shake with levity

Our shared love of the absurd

Reaches across time and keeps us connected, forever

Remember, we aren’t trying to make a perfect poem. The process is meant to help bring love into our awareness and help us move through loss.

It’s helpful to use a thesaurus to generate ideas and do searches when you are stuck. For instance I Googled ‘words that start with Z’ when I got stuck on my first acrostic.

If this feels too much beyond your comfort zone, try journaling instead. Write down five things about your loved one you admire or miss the most. Then, write a sentence or two on how they enhanced your life in a lasting way.

Go lightly with this one.

Whatever you create will be exactly right for you in this moment.



Always with


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1 Comment

Feb 07, 2022

This is just lovely, Diana. What a wonderful way to honor or remember someone. It's a great exercise that turns the focus away from self, but gives back a gift of memories.

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