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New Year. Be You.

As we find ourselves rolling into this New Year, I have been very mindful to not set any goals or intentions. Today's Reflection will instead focus on self-acceptance. It's possible positive change will flow from this acceptance, but it won't be necessary because you will start to remember you are perfect as you already are.

Write down three things in your life that are going well. This could be in regards to a relationship, something at work, a trip you are looking forward to, etc. How could you implement more of these into your everyday life?

Next, write down three things in your life that are sapping you of your energy. It could be in any area of your life. Then answer the following: How could you possibly reduce or eliminate these from your life? It's okay to explore this in an imaginary way if it seems too impossible in a real-world way. Notice how it feels to not have these burdens to carry. Describe what this is like for you.

New Year.

Be you.

Full Stop.


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