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Mindful Flow: Honoring Your Body

This week's practice reminds us that the wisdom of our bodies is always available to us. By pausing and turning our attention towards ourselves, we honor our mind, soul, and spirit.

Because anxiety is often a felt experience for me, when I pause and listen within I find healthy ways to cope. For example, I love to use my dog Nora as a weighted blanket. My racing mind craves security and the warmth of her body and gentle rhythm of her breath ease me back to balance.

Find Your Flow:

What does your body need today? Take a moment to deeply listen for the answer and if possible, add it to your day or sometime this week.

If it feels right, join me on social for daily inspiration to support your inward path.


Jun 25, 2023

Dogs - the elixir of relaxation :). Just a 20-minute chair massage at the mall is just enough to decompress and finish the day. Others?

Diana DeVaul
Jun 26, 2023
Replying to

Today I had a pool day! Floating on a raft is sooo relaxing🌊🌴☀️

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