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Dream Big

1. What is a dream you've held in your heart but have rarely have said out loud?

2. Now, imagine your dream has come true. Write it out down to the tiniest detail. Bring as many senses into the process as possible. What are you wearing? What sounds do you hear? Are you outdoors with pine scent permeating the air? Or, are you on stage hearing the sizzle of lights as warmth illuminates your face? Who is with you (if it's Oprah, tell her I said 'hi')?

3. This is the most important step of the process. Describe how you feel. Would you feel joy? Compassion? Energy? Love? Where does the experience live in your body? A soaring heart? An expanse of freedom throughout your chest? A tingling in your limbs?

Take note in this last step how you created a positive feeling state simply by stepping into your dreams.

Imagination and creativity usher us into wholeness.

In our whole and healthiest state, this is where the seeds of our biggest dreams are planted into manifestation.

In case you were wondering, my dream is here with you, fully realized as you grace these words with your precious attention.

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2 commentaires

15 avr. 2022

Mission trips with my family -- lots of them -- serving the poorest of the poor. My life has been such a gift, and I feel I've hit the lottery each day to have been born in this country and to a family who cared. I don't know what this looks like -- but I know I'll feel joy to my core to look in their eyes and see gratitude and love beyond measure. Thanks Diana. I needed your post this week.

Diana DeVaul
15 avr. 2022
En réponse à

This is beautiful. I felt the joy and gratitude just by reading this. Your dream inspires ME! Thank you❤️

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