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Self-Compassion in Action: A Forgiveness Story

There are two sides to an inward journey. There is the uncovering of negative thoughts and patterns, which isn't very fun, and then there are the beautiful fruits of this labor. Through years of self-reflection I have come to learn perfectionism has been my go-to coping strategy. It is a stressful way to move about this world and when I inevitably falter off my 'perfect' set course, this is when I begin a spiral of inner criticism. Being aware of how this all unfolds sometimes allows me to catch it and course correct.

Over the weekend, John and I were in Miami to see the Cubs play the Marlins. As we were set to leave our hotel for the stadium I realized I forgot something upstairs. I knew navigating back up to the 39th floor was inconvenient and we already had a friend waiting for us in the lobby. Immediately, the negative self-talk swirl erupted inside me. Instead of letting it overtake me, I paused and placed my hand over my heart to comfort, calm, and steady myself.

It worked!

I was able to offer myself grace, put it in perspective, and forgive myself. Then I went on to have a fabulous time at the game even though the Cubs could not clutch up and lost both times we attended (I eventually forgave them, too!).

Imagine a world where we forgave ourselves the instant we needed it. Where we let go of shame and guilt like balloons, floating into a sky of compassion and acceptance.

Life wouldn't need to be perfect because we wouldn't expect anything other than the authentic, sometimes flawed, yet magnificent human expression of who-we-are.

This is my dream for all of us.

Let kindness lead the way.

Inward & Onward,

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Thank you for reading!


May 07, 2023

Diana - So on-point! We are usually quick to forgive others for minor stuff (I.e., oops I forgot my wallet in the hotel room) but often not as gracious with ourselves. Thanks for reminding us it’s ok to let stuff go in the moment and just have fun with the people we love. Ps, it’s a long season - Go Cubs ;)


Diana DeVaul
May 15, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! I’m hoping to keep building those self/compassion muscles and sharing tools to help us all when it comes to bigger life stuff, too.❤️

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