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Small Actions of Empowerment: Learning to Take up Space

For me, awakening can be a deep and powerful, world-shifting experience, or in more practical terms, questioning thoughts and habits that normally go by unchecked.

I recently attended a lovely group led by local author Kristine Ochu to discuss her amazing book and reflect on how to be more loving and empowered versions of ourselves.

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When I walked in the door, I didn't realize I was going to challenge my habits, but I did. Maybe it was being in a room of incredible, self-aware women, but I felt free to mix it up. Here are some of the simple ways I did the opposite of what I normally do.

1. I grabbed a big plate first.

There were two sizes of plates by the food and I took the biggest. I covered the entire expanse of my plate. I don't know why eating in front of others makes me go small so-to-speak (can you relate?), but I decided I was starving and went big.

2. I sat at the head of the table!

When I walked in the dining room I sat right on down at the head of the table like I owned the place. Well, maybe not the last part because I had to fight my natural urge not to sit there. What was I afraid of? It was strange to feel so out of place. After a while it felt more comfortable and wouldn't you know while I was seated there diving into my mounds of food, someone commented they wished they would have grabbed the bigger plate.

I went back for seconds and a double dessert.

3. I chose a solitary, comfy chair.

In the main room as we gathered, I made a beeline for the biggest, pillowy chair. Usually in these circumstances I squish myself onto a crowded couch or take a small, out-of-the-way chair in the corner.

No one puts Baby in the corner, but what if she was the one that put herself there in the first place?

Were any of these changes earth-shattering? Of course not. I don't think anyone noticed but me. But it did get me wondering about my fear of taking up space not only in a room, but in life as a whole.

Where might it be time for you to take up more space?

Inward & Onward,

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Thank you for reading!


Feb 19, 2023

Some great ways to go against our natural grain and go bold - bolder for sure. In this post-Covid era where we are finally meeting more regularly in larger groups - it’s an amazing opportunity to stretch outside our comfort zones. For me, I tend to sit with folks about my age - perhaps I’ll find the table with young 30 somethings?!? Hmmm!

Diana DeVaul
Feb 20, 2023
Replying to

I love that idea of sitting with a younger crowd. As long as we remain open and aware, new opportunities for growth will always be available to us. You will have to let me know if you do sit with new people and what you learn in the process.

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