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Small Moments

This essay was posted on my previous blog named Spiritual Writes.

May all your moments, both big and small, fill your soul with beauty.

As you come to embody your personal experience more fully, you will begin to notice life in a new way. Living in Presence affords you the beauty of seeing Love's abundance surrounding you.

Small moments become deeply moving as your heart awakens.

With all this noticing of Beauty, you come to know other truths about yourself. You may find searing judgments and criticism below the surface of your life. In fact, you may be shocked at how harshly you speak to yourself.

Therefore, as awareness alights through your experience, you have to fill your emotional stores replete with forgiveness.

As you grow your heart in its most Loving direction, you will become more adept at handling the hurtful stories you tell yourself.

Space begins to form around difficulty.

From this opening, wisdom rises.


Of the self and for one another.

The balm that heals.



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2 opmerkingen

05 jun. 2022

So true Diana, taking a moment of reflection - even as small as turning off the car radio and reflecting on a moment the previous day - can yield significant self awareness and eventually forgiveness. Baby steps for this guy - hopefully bigger strides to follow! Blessings to all on their forgiveness journeys.

Diana DeVaul
11 jun. 2022
Reageren op

Self awareness AND forgiveness. This is what we need to bring love to ourselves and others! Well said!

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