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Out Loud Gratitude: Tell Others how you feel

In a span of 48 hours, I managed to tell four cherished people in my life the things I often think, but rarely make a point of saying out loud.

It started with a beach walk with a close friend. As I listened to her share her perspective on her kid's recent team sport experience, I inwardly admired her ability to emphasize the fun and camaraderie of it while letting go of performance goals. I told her I thought she was an amazing mom to be able to do that. In a culture that values achievement, it was refreshing to hear her focus on the beautiful intangibles of being part of a team.

The next day, my youngest, Keaton, had a track meet. Before he left for the day, I shared with him how much I appreciated all his hard work this season and how I would be proud of him no matter what. My oldest, J.R., got to attend the meet. At the conclusion of the night I told him I was grateful he could be there and how much I enjoyed his company. As for my husband, John, I made sure to tell him what an awesome Dad he is for attending every meet in the baking sun. Track meets are not for the faint of heart!

I want to be better at sharing the good out loud. Here's a simple checklist to help us all verbalize our gratitude.

Start with Mindfulness

It always comes back to being mindful! We can't know what to say if we aren't present for each other or if we are so distracted we can't notice the good surrounding us. Take time to pause and connect to those grateful thoughts and ideas within that often pass by unnoticed and unarticulated.

Write it Down

This is two-fold. Writing down what you are thankful for in other people will help you generate unexpected gifts. You will be surprised how much will start to flow once you get started. Then, if the person isn't nearby or at the same location, make sure to share it with them in writing. Shoot them a sweet text or, even better, write them a note and drop it in the mail.

Make the Invisible Visible with a 7 Day Challenge

Commit to a complimenting someone each day this coming week. The magic of gratitude is it moves beauty in both directions. It will not only brighten their day, it will make yours better, too.

By the way, I am incredibly grateful for you. I am amazed that despite the challenges of life, you have remained steadfast in your journey within. You have chosen forgiveness when it seemed impossible and you have managed to keep the wonder of your heart & soul fully intact throughout. Through you, others are reminded of their own light.

May the healing continue and gratitude wash over all areas of your life.

Thank you for being you.

Inward & Onward,

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Thank you for reading!


May 01, 2023


By far...this post is your best. Honoring those in your lives with such special and appreciative words are inspiring. This week, one of my former military colleagues texted so say very simply, "I appreciated your king leadership so much during a time in my life I needed it the most. I miss your presence." In reading your post, and her text, I'm re-vitalized to do the same to those closest to me -- very soon! THANK YOU!


Diana DeVaul
May 01, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! Every day I am surrounded by love and abundance, I hope to be more conscious of expressing it. I am so grateful for you💜 You always inspire me to keep going.

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