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Mindful Walking (Part Two): Be in the Way of Beauty

This practice is so easy! I thought you could use a little easy as you wind down your week. All that is required of you on your next walk is to look for something beautiful. If you are up for it, collect three objects that capture your attention like shells, rocks, leaves, flowers, etc. Or, at three points in your walk look above, in front of you, and to each side and name something beautiful you see in each area. Here's a suggested pattern. Stop and notice at the beginning, your turnaround point, and at the end.

By making your walk more engaging you will hopefully come away feeling more energized and centered than if you walked without a focus.

I'd love to hear how the experience is for you and I'm curious to know what objects you collected.

Have a beautiful day!

Notice how Oakley has one pink toe on his back paw and it is beautiful. See? You are good at this!

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