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Living on Purpose

I read somewhere, and unfortunately it was a credible source (at least to me), that if you are living your purpose monetary reward will effortlessly follow.

This has been untrue for me in almost every sense of the word. My calling to be a social worker was anything but lucrative. Choosing to become a parent, well, I'm still waiting for that first pay check to arrive. Then there's my writing! Do not get me started on the amount of time I have spent not getting paid for (almost) all of it. Sure, I've had some published success but a vast majority of it has been for free.

Still smiling through all my doubts

Though this effortless monetary reward has yet to manifest I remain steadfast to my mission: writing about love, helping others mend their souls, and cultivating as much peace as possible along the way.

I am not driving this dream.

The dream drives ME.

So today I offer you a new perspective.

When a dream is real, it floats in the ether in wait. When a heart is open, it infuses this soul with an infinite well of ideas, energy, and inspiration. It lives through this individual as an indistinguishable flame that burns bright in all conditions, even setbacks. Even in the absence of money. Especially in the absence of money.

If you are doing something and would do it regardless if you get paid, this is a sure sign you have found your calling. Your purpose is independent of a paycheck. At least for now.

If you love it and you feel lit from within, then my dear, sweet, soul of a dream-maker, have already answered the call.

Inward & Onward

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2 comentários

24 de abr. de 2022

Great post Diana! As parents, it seems our purpose is to raise kind and introspective young adults. To your point, our meaning is found in those everyday “wins” where we see purpose connecting with meaning (teaching our kids a life’s skill or have them show us how to be selfless to a friend in need). Thank you for keeping us on this mindfulness journey! Anyone else have thoughts?

Diana DeVaul
24 de abr. de 2022
Respondendo a

A purposeful life is guided from within, as we live it we become teachers of this fact. Parenting is the perfect example of this. Meaning is found in countless ways, like you said, in those ‘everyday “wins”’. That’s a purpose driven life at its best. Thank you for reading! It means so much especially as doubts continue to plague me and my art. I love to create and try to focus on that and let go of the number of views/likes. At least as much as I am able on a good day🙏🏻

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