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I Gave My Dog the Wrong Name and other Lessons I Learned From Oakley

For the record, Oakley is a fabulous name, but given his fondness for sloppy kisses...French Kisses would have been a more accurate moniker.

Regardless, Oakley is a fluffy gift who continues to challenge, inspire, and anchor me. Here are some of the many lessons I have learned from him:

1. Greet everyone like a long lost best friend (makes for slow beach walks, but worth it)

2. Express affection daily to your closest inner circle

3. Make time for joy (do what you love)

4. The journey matters more than the destination and is oftentimes 10x more delightful

5. Mistakes happen, make amends and move on with your day

6. Love knows no bounds

7. Belly rubs are essential to well-being (or your equivalent, hugs or hand holding work, too)

8. True beauty has nothing to do with outward appearance

9. Rest when you need to

10. Persistence pays off

11. Daily walks outside make your soul happy

12. Size does not matter

13. Being fabulous requires that you have no idea how fabulous you are. You just are. End of story.

14. Sometimes you have to bark ferociously* (the ferocity level is relative) to get your needs met (stand up for yourself)

15. It’s ok to have treats, in fact it makes life sweeter

16. Let yourself be quirky, authenticity is better than perfection

17. Your purpose will find you* (he is my unofficial therapy dog, very much living his purpose daily)

18. In stillness, we find ourselves home (wherever that may be)

19. Stand up for your friends

20. Be a little mischievous sometimes, it keeps life interesting

All beings have something to teach us.

Thank you Frenchie, I mean, Oakley. You paint ribbons of love wherever you go and our life is more colorful with you in it.

Inward & Onward,

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