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Do the Thing: Let your Passion Inform your Journey

I was seated in front of a group of awakening souls. As I lifted my Tibetan bell to signal it was time to turn our attention within, I knew I was right where I was meant to be. Of course my monkey mind kept trying to derail my confidence noting all the details that didn't go as planned.

I didn't let it stop me.

I made space for the critical thoughts as resistance is futile. Then, I let them go.

The secret to moving forward when insecurities arise is to be honest with yourself. Start by acknowledging nothing goes as planned. It would be weird if I led a lesson or meditation in a flawless, robotic way. Who would be able to relate to it if this was the case? Instead, true connection lies within the parts where I felt myself fumbling for the right words, or when I skipped over a section I wished I had included. These are the authentic openings to life.

Let your passion carry you. Self-compassion's profound impact on my life and the healing it has offered me propels me forward in sharing what I have learned. On a deep level I knew it mattered very little how the message was delivered. The crux of it all depended on the intention behind the message:

Self-compassion will heal you. It will hold you up when life crumbles. It leads you to forgiveness for self and others.

It will change your world-view and open the doorway to real self-love, and not the kind that relies on what you achieve, your net worth, or level of outer beauty. It will connect you to the truth...

You are soul-beautiful.

Don't wait for perfect.

Do the thing.


My amazing co-creators, Kristine & Angela

Inward & Onward,

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