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Below the Surface


1. I am a stay-at-home mom that does not like to cook or clean. I'm in no danger of becoming a lifestyle influencer.

2. In social settings I sweat when I'm nervous which makes me more anxious which makes me sweat more...

vicious cycle.

3. Grocery stores are a huge anxiety trigger which is embarrassing. Too much noise, visual stimuli, and people puts me on high alert. Sometimes I crash and burn...

I ❤️ Instacart.

4. When something remarkable happens often the first thought to pop in my head is to call my mom even though she passed away 14 years ago.

5. I didn't think I would ever get married or have children. My romantic history was a disaster until I met my husband.

6. I relate to animals more than people sometimes.

7. There are people in my life that I wish would like me, but they just don't.

8. When I meet someone new I always think they look and sound normal and I present as the total opposite.

9. Unexpected phone calls or doorbell rings are panic-inducing for me.

10. I wish people would say what they actually feel. I wish I would say what I actually feel.

11. I've finally accepted there are parts of me and relationships that will never completely heal and that's ok.

"The curious paradox is when I accept myself as I am, then I change."

-Carl Rogers

Inward & Onward

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