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A Tiny Spark

This essay was posted on my previous blog named Spiritual Writes.

The path needs us. Stay True.

There comes a time on the path to enlightenment where we might question the progress.

We wonder if this feeling of standing still means that we have lost the Way entirely.

There is no need for worry.

In stillness as in motion, we are always where we need to be.

It is only when we begin judging ourselves or the path, that our journey slows considerably.

This is the trick of self-preservation. The small self would rather focus on defining the path and deeming it less-than or more-than instead of flowing towards freedom.

When we allow ourselves to surrender to the Flow, less-than and more-than things still appear to happen, but we remain suspended in peace as these experiences pass through our awareness untouched by judgment.

But, if we must qualify our light-minding ways to Knowledge, we can hold tight to this truth:

"A tiny spark of willingness is all that is needed to embody Peace."

You have done more than you know.

You have done more than was needed.

Rest well, fellow traveler.

The path needs us not, as we are the path.

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2 комментария

26 июн. 2022 г.

Thanks Diana for reposting; an insightful message! Unlike at work where production metrics win the day (for the most part), our mindfulness journey truly takes a constant effort (which I keep failing, yet trying again with a gentle heart) to celebrate the small wins and peaceful flow along the way. Peace to you and your readership for an amazing July 4th ahead :)

Diana DeVaul
26 июн. 2022 г.
Ответ пользователю

This is so true! We have nothing to define the progress except when we recognize a shift in how we perceive ourselves and others, hopefully with more compassion. It is a process of stepping forward and sliding back, but it all serves the whole. Like you said, a gentle heart is how we keep moving forward even on the hard days. Happy 4th to you❤️

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