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A Self-Compassion Inquiry (REFLECTIONS)

In this week's Journal Reflections exercise, it's all about bringing awareness and compassion to our inner experience. It's ok if you don't answer every question, pick the ones that speak to you and let your innate wisdom bubble up as the words flow across the page.

1. In what ways are you unkind to yourself? Why do you think you might not treat yourself as well as you deserve? Was it because of someone or something in the past that shaped your hurtful thinking towards yourself?

2. What about this person or situation could you control? What might the reasons be for their words or these circumstance ? (There are no right or wrong answers here, just a learning process)

3. Would this person be different if they could? How so? If this life circumstance could be different, how might this impact you? In what ways? Be specific.

4. What are some positive beliefs you hold for yourself? If you honestly can't think of any, try imagining yourself as your highest self realized.

5. Name one area of your life that could use more compassion and understanding. Write down three ways you can start implementing a kinder way of being with yourself in these circumstances.

Through this exploration we start to bring awareness of our inner dialogue to the surface and see where self-kindness is needed. Negative patterns do not shift overnight, but recognizing they exist is a powerful way to begin to heal.

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