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A Truer Form of Beauty

In the span of my lifetime, the moments I have felt most beautiful rely very little on what I look like on the outside. For example, the day I got married I felt beautiful not because of the layers of make-up shellacked across my face, but because I was marrying John. I had so much gratitude within, joy glowed its way through me and illuminated my heart from the inside out.

It's as if losing track of my physicality is how I transcend into a truer form of beauty.

Before we left for Kenya, I made the decision to not wear make-up for the duration of the trip. Besides the impracticality of daily make-up application as we traipsed across the savanna, I did not want to waste a moment. Get me out the door and on to adventure, and forget the rest.

The result of this make-up free experiment was I have never felt more beautiful. This is because I stopped thinking about my beauty and began living an experience of beauty. It was like that wedding-day-transcendent sort of beauty all those years ago, but more pronounced because it was a daily occurrence.

In the days ahead, there is comfort in knowing I have some control over my focus and intentions for each day. I can choose to keep wishing away my imperfections or I can take these imperfections with me as I embrace life as my soul intended.

Love-filled, soaked in gratitude, and on my way.

The real beauty of my life has only just begun...

Inward & Onward

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