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Welcome to Inward & Onward

Thank you for taking time to learn about my new website and blog. Here I hope you find guidance, resources, and the encouragement you need on your awakening path.

Each of us stumbles inward for our own reasons. It could be a life-altering event or diagnosis, past trauma that never seems to go away, or a nagging feeling over months or many years that we somehow don’t belong. It could be one of these factors or any combination of all three. It might be helpful to know how the journey starts, but at the beginning, it is more important to acknowledge you are on an inward path than understanding how you got here.

However you arrived at your spiritual fork in the road know you are not alone. A few months ago I was listening to my favorite, new podcast, ‘We Can Do Hard Things’ with Glennon Doyle, when at its conclusion I was encouraged to create my own “pod squad" so I could discuss the soulful topics from each episode with others. A blanket of shame spread over my heart and chest as I knew there was no way I could find anyone with the time, energy, or intense passion I have for all things inward. Basically, it would be “Pod squad, party of one! Now seating." Even though I am used to feeling like the lone mystic in a sea of ‘normals’, this blatant reminder of my oddness hurt.

But, in the next moment, Glennon saved me.

She said if I didn’t have a squad I could be part of hers with her wife, Abby, and her sister, Amanda (also her co-hosts). My shame blanket lifted and flew away again never to be seen. Not exactly, but I felt liberated, seen, and hopeful. Not only did Glennon give me the gift of connection, she allowed me to feel empowered to be my own squad.

Trust me, alone and who-you-really-are is the way to go.

Walking a labyrinth in Toronto

The curious thing of course, is sometimes genuine connections start to blossom as you grow your acceptance of yourself as-you-are.

Right now, I’m not going to worry so much about whether you feel truly seen by hundreds of people or maybe just your dog. You don’t have to be anything but you to be part of my tribe. I don’t even care if you showered today or combed your hair. Does not matter.

You are here. You belong. Period.

Meet Nora. She’s not so sure of the inward path either.

It is important to note if life is rolling along for you and an external focus works well for you, I celebrate this, too. I live with a husband and two teenage boys that have a rational yet compassionate life view that works. They are grounded and have peace with who they are.

Any arrow that points towards truth is worth following.

Maybe this website will be a place to read a new perspective, or perhaps test the waters of mindfulness. Maybe you have to read it because you are married to me. This is also true.

Again, it doesn't matter how you got here. You’re here, I thank you and I trust you to know what is best for you (similar to my husband knowing it is best he reads this).

For the rest of us. The deeply feeling, sensitive types. The ones who are overwhelmed by the world and its problems, who carry thousands of issues in our hearts as if they were happening directly to us, inward may be our truest course of action.

The inward path finds us when we are ready.

Inward & Onward.

Let’s get to it.


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