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Fuel for the Soul: Three Signs You Need to Take A Break

A few weeks back I was tapping away at my keyboard in the process of creating a social media post. Soon I realized I had surpassed my productivity limit. I should have stepped away from my laptop instead of pressing forward. In the future I will be on the lookout for these signs I need a break:

Making Multiple Mistakes

While mistakes are a normal part of the creation process, repeated mistakes for a particular aspect of it are a sure sign some breathing space is in order. The post I mentioned above I had to download five times because I kept catching errors. Misspelled words, a forgotten logo, overlapping design elements...I could not for the life of me get it 'right'. Instead of forcing creativity, it should flow. Too many mistakes meant I needed to recharge before I returned to it. Often when we do return with fresh eyes, we move in a different, more deeply grounded direction.

A Day is Overwhelming Before it Begins

If my day kicks off and I have no idea where to start, I am doing too much. Overwhelm is a sure sign I need to prioritize, remove things from my day and, as counterintuitive as it feels, I need to schedule in a break. We are never going to get it all done, but we can edit our lives to be filled with the things that give us purpose and fuel our souls.

Body Signals

If, like me, you are intent to ignore the signs you need rest, your body will force you to take a break regardless. Headaches, fatigue, and aches and pains are sure signs you need to slow down. The beauty of this is when you feel up to returning to life, your motivation and productivity will increase. After a four day break from writing, I came up with several content ideas in a matter of minutes. I was amazed how the ideas poured out of me thanks to the rest I offered myself.

We often think we have to push ourselves to accomplish everything and to be a success. This is how we lose our authenticity. We force ourselves to keep going when instead we need deep pauses to create what is most true for us.

Less is always more when it comes to the truth of our hearts.

Inward & Onward,

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