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The Tools of Awakening (Soul-Deep & Wise)

I am always thinking of ways I can support you as you connect to your inner experience. Here is a list of the simple tools I have used again and again as I continue on this path of awakening. Whatever one speaks most to your heart, think about incorporating it into your day in any way possible.

Small steps lead to big breakthroughs.

Please, do not add on any judgment or self-recrimination if you don't have the time or energy to attempt these. They are meant to be invitations not directives. Listen deeply to your heart to see whether or not now is the time to explore them. If not, save this post for for later (it's on my social feed as well) and come back to it when your life has a little more space in it.

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Remember, some are easier than others. I find scheduling quiet time is a lot easier than consciously turning inward throughout the day. And, why is finding compassion for others more natural than finding it for ourselves?

Number 5 (inner guidance) can feel elusive, especially if we have been conditioned to believe what we say or think isn't valid. The trick I use when I am in dire need of hearing my inner wisdom, is to imagine what my five year old self would want and then do that. She is hands down the very best part of me and anyone who ever said she was 'too sensitive' or 'too much' or 'not smart' were simply misinformed.

I am the happiest version of me when I listen to her.

She is soul-deep, wise, and truly magical.

So are you.

Ready when you are.


I was rocking that Winnie the Pooh dress and my very 'fancy' necklace.


Inward & Onward

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