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The Only Goal That Matters

After my website launched late last year, I started piling on the pressure. Pressure to create meaningful content, grow my audience, and post thoughtful, daily insights across platforms. As timing would have it, I welcomed a new puppy and attempted to retrain a stubborn, older, rescue. In addition I am running a household while attempting to remain a present, fully functioning wife, mother and friend.

I kept up with everything to a point, but it didn't feel good.

Wow! I love my family whether furry or not. They are straight up awesome!

This was the perfect moment to look within. What met me there was fear. Fear has fueled unrealistic expectations and informed my decisions regarding how much content I am creating. I am afraid if I'm not doing enough I will fail. Not just in one area, but all of the ones I mentioned above.

Eventually I determined that big goals at the sacrifice of my sanity were not worth it. I am slowly releasing unreasonable expectations and replacing them with soul-replenishing checklists instead. Less content=more peace. Outsourcing when I can, letting go of my numbers-reached goals and instead focusing on how I feel. When I do less I feel lighter, better. Hope replaces anxiety and peace flows through my being.

A goal should never cost us our peace because peace is the only goal that matters.

Inward & Onward

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