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Mindful Walking Series (Part 4): Grounding with Sound

Thank you for being open to new ways of being during your walking time. I hope you incorporated a new practice or idea when it felt supportive. If you have been with me this far, congrats for making it to the final and my very favorite practice in this series.

Grounding with sound.

So simple and accessible with profound soul implications if we are ready.

While living in Dallas I frequented an amazing yoga center that happened to be next to a street full of traffic. In class, we valiantly tried to watch our breath and thoughts, but the constant swoosh and buzz of tires zipping along the asphalt made focus almost impossible. Then one of my teachers offered us this wisdom...make it a part of your practice.

Game changer!

Once I used the screeches and honks of the cars outside to ground me to the moment, I started to find myself more centered. Over time, the traffic sounds started to mimic ocean sounds, at least to this mind, and became an anchor I easily latched onto.

This is why walking by the ocean is so transformative. Whether you are aware of it or not, the gentle lapping and receding sounds of the waves connects you to the now.

The now is where it is at!

The moral of the story is listen. Listen to those birds singing your praises. Listen to the trees whispering hello to you. Listen to the construction work clonking towards a finished job. Anywhere you go, there are sounds to savor. Listen as much as your attention allows and notice how each step fulfills its purpose.

To bring you home. To this moment. To the wonder that is.

Keep listening.

Before you go, below are the journal prompts I promised at the conclusion of this series. These will help you figure out the practice you liked best.

  1. When walking, what do I notice the most? Thoughts? How my body feels? How I feel? Or, the sounds around me?

  2. What is something new I learned about walking with mindful intention?

  3. Is mindful walking something that feels nurturing and supportive? If not, what were the blocks or challenges I encountered?

  4. If mindful walking worked for you, how might you plan to incorporate it on a regular basis? Daily? Weekly? With a friend (mindful walk for ten minutes then process together after)?

  5. How can I give myself some credit here? What did I do well? Did I at least show up for myself when I said I would? Celebrate the wins!

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