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May You Be Loved (FLOW)

Name your greatest fear.

Where and when does it surface in your life? Is it a daily occurrence?

Does it hold you back in some way? Describe how.

Now that you have some awareness of the instances this fear may surface, when it does, arm yourself with some self-compassionate phrases.

I'll offer some examples but aim to create your own.

① This fear is a misguided attempt to protect me. I welcome you in and give thanks.

② Feeling this way is natural and I recognize all humans experience fear. I forgive myself and my humanity.

③ This experience is helping me grow my compassion for myself and others

④ This is only a small part of who I am. It does not define me.

⑤ Love is the opposite of fear. I extend love to myself in any way that I am able whether in thought, feeling, or tangible deed.

These are my go-to self-compassion phrases: (say these with your hand over your heart)

May I be kind to myself.

May I accept myself exactly as I am.

May I be loved.

Oakley offers up unconditional acceptance, even in the most unexpected moments.

May you be kind to yourself.

May you accept yourself exactly as you are.

May you be loved.

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