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Honoring Others and Life’s Abundance: (Grateful Flow)

When I was participating in my Mindfulness Certification Training at the Dallas Yoga Center, one of my favorite mindfulness practices involved bringing awareness to the efforts of all the unknown helpers who make our everyday blessings possible:

Here are three examples to help you get started:

When we adopted our dog Nora in the summer of 2016 (see photo below), we had so many people who made it possible that we never met. We are grateful to her previous owner who recognized they could no longer give Nora the attention she needed (it's A LOT) and to the volunteers at Fawn's Small Dog Rescue who cared for her in the interim. She arrived at our home well-loved and she pays it forward with her whole-body waggles and extraordinary snuggling capabilities. I do not take it for granted that it took a village to connect us to her.

I am a massive U.S. Women's Soccer Fan. Although I'd like to imagine I personally know the team (I do not), I cheer them on like they are my best friends in the world. This team inspires me because strong female role models, especially in the the realm of sports, means everything to me. I am grateful for the sacrifices they make to play at such an elite level. I am grateful to the support staff that keeps them healthy and tends to the well-being of the team. I am grateful to their parents and loved ones who support their dreams. Thank you for giving me so much to cheer about!

I am grateful my husband remembers to get me flowers when he's at the grocery (also...he grocery shops so that's awesome, too). I am thankful for the floriculturists (I had to Google that one!) who cultivate these gorgeous blooms. I am grateful for the people who coordinate the transportation of my soon-to-be bouquets, the drivers who get them to my local store, and the floral department workers who make sure they stay fresh and beautiful until they are purchased.

Wow and thank you!

May the seeds of gratitude bloom eternal for you on this day and every one after.

If it feels right, join me on social for daily inspiration to support your inward path.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. The light in me honors the light in you.


Jul 31, 2023

Such a great post, Diana! A grateful heart truly reverses our natural tendencies to always be the fastest and most productive versions of ourselves. Perhaps the next time we are at the grocery store, acknowledging all those who get what we are looking for to the point where we can simply go to self-checkout and take it home. An uplifting and humbling approach to life. Thank you for personal examples and encouraging us to think gratefully.

Diana DeVaul
Jul 31, 2023
Replying to

Learning this practice was such a game changer for me allowing me to see abundance everywhere.

Looking for the good does slow us down like you said. That in itself is worth the effort.❤️

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