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Double down on compassion: Choose your own awakening adventure

This week I posted this soul-filled gem on my social media feeds. I love this post for many reasons such as:

It speaks for the Universe (or your version of a loving, guiding force, yes, even The Force from Star Wars counts).

There's something magical that transpires when you open your mind and heart for signals. Have you ever tried angel cards? You simply pull a word from a deck and meditate on it until you have clarity.

Wouldn't you know, as I selected my card as an example for this blog post of how universal guidance is available to us, I picked the 'Release' card. If you look closely, there's a school bus in the background with kids leaving the scene. This coincides with a college visit for my high school senior this past week. It doesn't take much to connect that I am in the process of releasing him into the world.

Magic is everywhere if you allow yourself to believe in it. This is your permission slip to believe. Give it a try.

Open your mind.

What is the world trying to tell you?

Awakening, though a complex idea, can be simplified.

Each letter of the alphabet in the Awakening from A to Z post, gives a snippet of encouragement or a few words to ponder. Often the thought of going inward and all it entails feels too much. Breaking it down into smaller pieces helps shift the impossible to the possible.

Find one mindful change, one thoughtful paradigm shift and dig in, you can do this!

Double down on compassion. (For self and others)

When I am in my flow state, when I am creating, I never know what might bubble forth onto the page. It just so happens the first letter of my name means I need to double down on compassion.

This path isn't about answers, it's about Knowing. On some level, the spirit in me Knows, but for the fallible human in me, I have to extend compassion.

It's the only way through.

Joy is available to all.

That's really what this post feels like to me.


When I let myself create from a space of joy, there's nothing more healing than that.

What does your joy look like today?

Inward & Onward,

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Thank you for reading!


Mar 27, 2023

Love the post...and the pic of the college visit. X-Ray jumped out at me - introspection and self-reflection on a monthly basis (at least). Looking forward to what your readership here and on FB suggest :)

Diana DeVaul
Mar 27, 2023
Replying to

X-Ray! That one is really good! That’s what awakening is all about.

JR will soon make his final decision. I’m happy & sad at the same time.😍😭

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