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A Noted Heart

Years ago, when I was a (much) younger woman, I worked as a hospice social worker. While it challenged my ideas about life and loss, it offered me a kaleidoscope of the range of human emotion. Laughter always seemed to bubble to the surface in the midst of life's greatest


At the time, I hadn't quite made the connection that I had some control over how I perceived life. I was very much a passenger letting the ride of life determine how I felt.

During periods of overwhelm I turned to music for solace. This sounds amazing, but I would choose sad music when I felt sad. This in and of itself is not wrong, but putting a sad song on repeat while contemplating life's impermanence would send me into a dark spiral. Looking back, I would still allow space for my sadness, but I would also make conscious choices to counterbalance this mood state.

Today, I want you to consider the role music plays in shaping your mood. That's all we are trying to do here. Find the connection of our outer world as it relates to our inner experience.

You have three options. You could do only one or all three. If none of these seem right for you, take some time to write out five songs you love in any genre and go listen to them.

Exercise One: (Self-Compassion)

This one I give full credit to Amanda Doyle as she suggested this on an episode of my favorite podcast: We Can Do Hard Things. Listen to Adele's song "Easy on Me" as your present day self listening to the younger version of you. Grab a tissue. Be prepared to feel some things all in the name of self-love & acceptance.

Exercise Two: (The Center of Calm)

Listen to a spa or natured themed playlist. Grab a mug of tea (see also One Sweet Little Sip) and allow yourself this pause to just be.

Exercise 3: (Triumphant)

Make a playlist of your favorite songs of celebration. Get ready to dance. This never fails to help me feel like I can overcome any obstacle after hearing one of my" fight" songs. Here are some of my faves:

As much as you are able, notice how you feel during each of these exercises. Where do you hold tension in your body? Where does the fire of your spirit live?

Let the notes of your heart become as familiar to you as a cherished song. Let the music in your soul dance your thoughts back towards the light.

Send some streamers of joy out into the world.

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