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One Sweet Little Sip

Pick a favorite beverage (no judgement here, seriously, just choose something you enjoy and drink on a regular basis).

Next, choose with intention a glass, cup, or mug to fill with this beverage.

Let it be joyful. You deserve some joy.

Narwhal infusers and turtley awesome mugs are welcome. In fact, the more playful your choice can be, the better:

Find Myrtle the Turtle and other joyful mugs by clicking the picture.

In this next part, choose a time of day to make the consumption of this beverage a mini-ritual. This is where you use as many of your senses as possible while you drink. Notice what it looks like as it cascades into your chosen container. What do you hear? Is there a splash or maybe a fizz finding its way to your ears? What does it smell like? Is it light and sweet or is it rich and dark? Feel the weight of your container as you clasp your hands around it. What is the temperature like as the liquid passes over your lips and down your throat? Is it bubbly or still? Do you feel it anywhere in your body besides your mouth and your throat?

If it's easier, pick one or two senses to focus on and follow this for as long as your attention holds

Sit back. Rest in your growing awareness.

Think about making any future first sips an embodied experience like this one.


You can do this.

One sweet little sip at a time.

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Diana - what a sweet message and I read it just as I was making my morning coffee. I have a ritual and a lot of must-haves including my milk frother, my endangered animals mug (here the manatee) made by a FERNANDINA BEACH potter. And of course my special kettle, Joffrey's coffee (The Disney coffee) and the French press. I enjoyed sharing my morning with you!

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