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Enjoy your gift

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These journaling prompts can be used once a day in chronological order for a week-long inward experience, or you could carve out a longer space of time to explore them in one sitting. Maybe you choose only one or two to begin your journey. Discerning what feels right to you is as much a part of your soul-discovery as the time spent in writing and reflection. 

You are welcome to download the prompts via button at the bottom of the page.


I feel most myself…


Name and describe the location, the activity, and the people and pets that honor your authenticity. If you can’t name the people or pets, which is completely normal as you begin this inward journey, focus your attention on the location and activity. 


The quality I love most about myself…


Where has this quality surfaced in your life and how has it served you or others?


The quality I would like most to change about myself…


How does this quality impact your day to day experience? If by some miracle you could change or eliminate this from your life, what would that look like?


I experience peace when...


If nothing comes to mind, which is something to acknowledge and honor, not judge, write about the obstacles preventing you from peaceful experiences.


Someone I admire in the world and the qualities they possess…


Where in your life do these qualities appear? If they don’t quite yet, how might they in the future?


An ideal day would consist of the following…


How would you fill your time if you had total freedom?


Describe the difference between happiness versus peace…


If you feel like they are one in the same, how does this impact your spirit? 

“When onward is no longer an option, inward remains a constant, open invitation.”
-Messages from the Sea
Spiral Shell TR.png
Spiral Shell TR.png
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