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The Two Sides of Fear

Before I delve into this week's blog topic, I want to extend my gratitude to each one of you who has taken the time to subscribe to my site, and for all the individual notes, emails, phone calls, and texts offering encouragement to keep going. This launch may look seamless and breezy from the outside (I admit, my beach photo shoot day was pretty awesome), but every time my hand hovers over my mouse an instant before I click 'publish', my heart catches in my throat and I fight the urge to hit delete.

I will continue to face my fear and keep putting my heart onto the page for one reason and one reason only.


Yes, specifically you.

In essence, although I am writing for everyone, these concepts will apply to your life in some way, shape, or form. I may not get it exactly right every time, but this is my intention, finding the commonalities within our humanity and learning to lift ourselves and others up through tending to our soul.

Take the universal experience of fear for instance. How do you know if it is protecting you or lying to you?

On the one hand, fear will scream at you to not do something because it is trying to prevent you from pain or failure. Therefore, as I continue to share my vulnerabilities and my heart is laid bare for all to see, I guarantee the louder my fear becomes. Yet, these vulnerable posts and content are often the ones others find most comforting. In a sense, when our fear increases in volume, might this be an indicator we are on to something necessary?

On the flip side, there are circumstances in which our fear serves us. It helps us cherish what is in front of us as it reminds us of life's impermanent nature. It also allows us to make choices that keep us healthy and alerts us if there is danger.

I tell the difference between the two by getting as still as possible and asking myself 'in the absence of fear, would my heart want me to do the following ____________'?

When it comes to my writing, the answer is always a thousand times 'yes!'.

Each time we face a fear our courage grows. Each time we choose to keep moving forward, to look for love when surrounded by despair, or carve a path into the unknown, fear loses its power.

The antidote to fear is action.

Let's go change the world.

Inward & Onward

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3 commentaires

06 févr. 2022

This is excellent, the way you frame fear and courage. Lovely photo of you "floating" along the shoreline.


06 févr. 2022

As FB blogger to an official blogging page you know I have this exact same feeling. Yet I promised I would not go back to correct grammar or anything written to show courage for as you know for a different reason. do not forget you say this is for YOU, always remember it helps yourself as well. ❤️💜 keep striving!


06 févr. 2022

Great post Diana and so well said! As a guy, facing fear might include looking at our ability and motivation, and reconcile it with balancing the needs of family, community, and self. Never an easy process as we all have different motivators at each stage of life. Looking forward to reading others posts and more great stuff from you - our coach! Awesome work!!!!

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