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The Only Fashion Trend You Need (FLOW)

I debated all day what I should wear out on a recent girls' night. I'm not kidding. It was an all day argument because what I really wanted to wear was kind of different. My favorite baseball team was gearing up to play on the literal Field of Dreams in Iowa and I had an official, old-timey jersey (thanks to my husband) to commemorate this special game. But, it wasn't very dressy to say the least. And, it only came in mens' sizes (don't get me started) and I was trying to look nice. At least nicer than my normal athleisure and/or pajama-type get up.

About an hour before I was to leave I stopped the argument. I reality-checked myself and determined what I actually wanted to wear would be the most flattering because my heart would be happy.

A happy woman is a gorgeous one.

And you know what? I got some compliments! A couple girlfriends thought it was cute how I tied it up and how it contrasted my (very cute) floral-printed skirt.

Even if I didn't get any compliments, I still loved my outfit. It didn't hurt that the Cubs pulled out a victory over the Reds that night either.

This week's Find Your Flow is all about cultivating that joy/heart connection when you are deciding what to wear. In the next few days, pick one day you are going to wear something that makes your soul come alive. Then, wear it! If you are so inclined, please, share it on social and tag me. Oh my goodness if I could see what clothing or accessory makes you joyful, that would only amplify my own joy.

Here are some of my favorites to wear:

Londolozi aqua colored tank top

A Michael Buble' concert tshirt (note the cheetah-printed Cubs hat)

fuschia sandals (turns out fuschia goes with EVERYTHING)

my elephant necklace and anything blue or Cubs related

Turns out, being ourselves is the only trend we ever need to follow.

Have fun!

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