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The Healing Will Follow (UPDATED LINK!)

On this path towards wholeness, which really is about revealing to ourselves that we are already whole, forward progress sometimes halts. In our desire to heal we push through only to find we are in the same place we started.

For about eight years this was my story. On one hand I deeply knew there was something within me that needed healing so I set about and did all the things. I meditated, went to therapy, did in-person and on-line retreats, and got life-coached (sometimes with horses no less!) all in the name of healing.

Slowly, I began to realize I was using my desire to heal to avoid what I actually needed to mend. My awareness of this began in the form of a Mindful Self-Compassion class. What started as another way I could heal ME, instead became the way I learned I had to let go of the hope my past and aspects of my present could be different.

That's what happens when we stop running. What meets us there is truth.

We don't heal ourselves by changing others. We heal ourselves by learning to love ourselves right in this moment.

Choose YOU.

The healing will follow.

May we all look at ourselves like Oakley looks at me.

Inward & Onward,

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Awesome! Love thyself as unconditionally as we do with those closest to us - without caveat!

Diana DeVaul

I learned it’s on me to love myself which is easy in theory, harder in execution. Helps to be adored by our fur babies though!

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