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The Beauty of the Inward Path

There are many reasons we choose to go within. For some of us it is a matter of survival, for others an opportunity to grow self-awareness and compassion.

  1. The world becomes your classroom. Challenges are used to understand yourself and others on a deeper level and wisdom can be found in the most unusual circumstances.

  2. You begin to sense and connect to the stillness that envelops everything. It is powerful and not everyone feels it and if you haven't already, you will.

  3. The path within carries you through. When something insurmountable happens, you find a resilience within that was unknown to you but familiar all the same. It holds you together when everything else seems to fall apart.

  4. In the pauses of life you find wonder in the ordinary and miracles become commonplace.

  5. Gratitude for what is comes more naturally.

  6. You will start to notice loving shifts in perspectives that weren't possible before. These become your new paradigms of truth.

  7. You start to love yourself more. Not in a surface-y way, but in a way in which you know on a deep, cellular level you are already whole and perfect. This starts to show up as healthier boundaries and relationships. You also begin to practice more self care.

  8. You let yourself and others be imperfect. This is true freedom.

  9. "I don't know" sometimes makes more sense than all the answers in the world and you are able to be okay with that.

  10. Peace will continue to grow.

May you know light when you need it most and may you have the courage to follow your heart all the way Home.

Inward & Onward,

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Thank you for reading!


Dec 04, 2022

I could relate to all of these in some ways, but finding the stillness within calls me the most.

Diana DeVaul
Dec 11, 2022
Replying to

The call of stillness is beautiful & powerful💕


Dec 04, 2022

Love the entire list. #6. Gratitude for what IS versus what we think it should be. A game changer in the way we aporoacb life - calmer! Thank you Diana! Others?

Diana DeVaul
Dec 04, 2022
Replying to

Thank you❤️ I so needed my own list today! Especially how a greater something will carry us through. It may not be pretty and I may not love the process, but it will be okay. I agree with you, gratitude for what is changes everything. A beautiful perspective shift.

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