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Technically Tech-free (FLOW)

While we were in Kenya, I committed to going off the grid for the full two weeks we traveled. In all fairness, my husband, John, remained connected so I had ways to be reached, but for the most part I was blissfully isolated from technology.

Shortly after we landed in Kenya.

In order for these two weeks of tech-free living to happen, I poured hours of energy and effort creating and scheduling all my posts and content for the days I was away.

Totally worth it.

For this Find Your Flow exercise, I understand two weeks of no technology is extreme, but could you maybe commit to two hours?

Write out a reasonable goal where you can set your phone down, turn off the t.v. and just allow yourself to be. Write down some ways you could spend your time instead.

Being without technology helped me experience life in the way it's meant to be lived. With eyes wide open and fully immersed in the present moment.

Won't you join me there?

Here are the photos of visiting the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya. I got to see my 'adopted' elephant, Roho, with my very own eyeballs! Grateful to be aware and 'awake' for this whole experience.

Meeting some of the other orphans.

Touching an elephant was amazing, all sand-papery and rough around the edges.

ROHO (front and center in first pic, on the left with a friend in second)

To adopt your own elephant (you get pictures and updates every month, it is AMAZING!) visit:

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