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25 Signs of an Awakening Heart

How do you know exactly if you are on an awakening path?

There's a good chance if you are here reading these words, you absolutely are. Here is a comprehensive list of twenty-five signals to confirm that you are (it only takes one!):

  1. You have paused in wonder observing nature

  2. Music and other forms of art speak to your heart

  3. You sometimes feel more connected to animals than humans

  4. You crave solitude

  5. Psychology and self-help books are fascinating to you

  6. You can feel completely alone in a room full of people

  7. Fitting in and making lasting friendships can be a challenge

  8. Religion has not held the answers to all your questions

  9. You've been told you 'think too much'

  10. You have noticed a quiet within and without that defies explanation

  11. Feelings inform your experience above all else

  12. You have spent time self-reflecting (like therapy, journaling, processing life with a friend) in an effort to have more understanding of your internal experience

  13. There are moments you are aware of your thoughts and wonder, 'Who or What is actually noticing these thoughts?'

  14. You've had profound, soul-shifting mystical experiences that cannot be put into words

  15. Your crave a deeper meaning in relationships and in life

  16. You have struggled with autoimmune issues or have had inexplicable physical symptoms like pain or exhaustion that doesn't ever seem to completely go away.

  17. Your natural default setting is anxious

  18. Melancholy can settle over you and often you are unsure of its source

  19. Being sensitive to the moods of others and in tune with their thoughts leaves you drained

  20. Sometimes you have premonitions and they are usually spot-on

  21. Gratitude and empathy come naturally to you

  22. Enlightened teachers are endlessly fascinating to you

  23. Mindfulness and meditation are tools you have used to cultivate more awareness and peace

  24. You are considered an introvert

  25. Reading (a lot) is your preferred way to learn and have adventures (so you never have to leave your living room couch)

Like I mentioned, it only takes one holy instant and then your path is set. It cannot be undone and the Truth cannot be unlearned.

I'm so grateful you are here.

Even though the path within is a solitary endeavor, it helps to have someone walking alongside you sharing the weird and the wonderful as it is equal parts both.

Inward & Onward

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