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Replenishment of the Heart: Letting Go of Perfection

In recent months, my relationship to yoga has transformed. I used to have a goal of pushing myself towards change and healing. Now, I utilize my yoga time as an invitation to be still.

From the outside it doesn't seem like a big deal, but from the inside out, it is a life changing shift.

One day, after rolling out my mat to begin a gentle series of stretches and poses, I found myself faced with the truth. When I am still, when I am just me, when I am not striving to be anything other than with myself as I am in any given moment, I stumble upon Love. Not the kind of love that requires something. Not where I have to give anything away or do more to be enough, but an all-encompassing Love that is our birthright.

It took me 48 years to be able to receive this kind of Love. Up until this point I thought the only way I would ever love myself was if I became an entirely different person. I would need to look better, have solid mental health, and accomplish so much more to become worthy of loving myself.

I have been doing this healing work for decades and I can promise you this, I am not anywhere close to looking, doing, or being what culture would demand of me, but I can accept this about myself, too. Not all the time, but some of the time. This is where real healing happens, in the quiet I cultivate each day while allowing the portal of my soul to alchemize my humanity into a more compassionate way of being.

I believe, for many of us, the deserts of our hearts have been waiting for a replenishing downpour of Truth like this, not to wash away our sins and imperfections, but to help us Love ourselves just as we are.

May Love find your heart today. May the rain of Truth ease your soul and may you remember you only have to change your perspective to connect to the peace you hold within.

Be still and Know.

Inward & Onward,

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Thank you Diana! Great insight on the study of Yoga. I still struggle with the "stillness" of it all - my mind racing from the office, to the pain in my back (while stretching into crazy poses), to a better place of calm. In the end, you are right -- its all about the journey to calm -- and worth every one-step forward and half-step back :)

Diana DeVaul

The mind racing and resistance are the hardest part. I never regret rolling out my mat but can struggle to do so. The rewards always outweigh the challenges,…I have to remind myself of this often.

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