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Never Give Up

We were stuck at the gate of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Our safari vehicle had fallen victim to the choppy roads congealed with mud courtesy of yesterday's rainfall. As we learned time of arrival is merely a loose estimation in Kenya, we sensed the mechanic who was '20 mins out' would arrive much later than that.

We were right.

Our safari guide, Sam, called our encampment located a solid hour away so that we might be rescued.

All we could do was wait.

Since the boys left their phones back at our tents and we had already been out searching for animals for several hours, to combat boredom I let them scroll through the hundreds of photos I had taken thus far on my camera.

Without meaning to my photos brought some much needed levity to the frustration of our situation. Most of them were terrible. Not even a little good. And the ones that weren't terrible, were downright awful.

The boys teased me and I (mostly) took it in stride and laughed along with them because I know what it takes to capture magic on film and in life.

One thousand tries.

Inward & Onward

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