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My Favorite Color Is Truth

Sometimes I don't know what to make of this world. The upheaval, the imbalance of power, the tentative constructs we build to maintain a feeling of permanence.

It's a lot for one, little soul to comprehend.

This is why I temper my advice giving. If I cannot know all the answers for myself, I certainly won't know all the answers for you.

What I can offer you is the story of how I arrived at this moment, and maybe the next, if you'll have me, and let your internal compass of truth do the rest.

Take for instance the color blue.

It is my very favorite. Every shade and nuance a tribute to the sea and sky. Boundless and bountiful.

I can share what I love about it and maybe you will love it, too.

Maybe you won't.

Our individual preferences are independent of what is true and beautiful for the All of us.

Wearing a favorite blue shirt, sitting in my favorite blue chair.

Yet, we can still learn from each other.

By knowing what has worked for me on this deepening, awakening path, it will give you insight on what may work for you. This discernment is a crucial part of your practice. The more you bring any and all ideas to the alter of your soul, the more your peace and wisdom will grow.

As judgment is replaced by inner knowing, you will remain calm and steady when the world sometimes is in disagreement with you.

When you know, you know.

This release of judgment allows each of us, like a color in a rainbow, to form the ultimate arc of love and forgiveness.

Blue or not.

True or not.

It's all up to you to decide.

Inward & Onward

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