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Mistakes, Divinity, and Letting Life Happen

A few weeks back I was typing away on a blog post. My creative process is messy which makes it fun, but a post in its early stages can be hard for outsiders to understand. I go through many edits and versions before I hit publish. On this day instead of hitting 'save for later', I accidentally hit 'save and publish'. I immediately panicked and moved the post to the trash hoping against hope an email alert wouldn't go out announcing its arrival.

I was too late.

And not only had an email went out, because I had made attempts to remove it, the link when clicked on came up as an error message.

It was a disaster all around.

Or was it?

I don't think I can be a fair judge of what happened. On the one hand, did I sweat furiously and feel the flush of embarrassment up and down the length of my body? You bet. But another, calmer, wiser part of me said, 'maybe someone really need to read this today.'

I rallied, polished it up, and reconfigured the link within the email. Then I set about posting it on my social media feeds because I hoped to connect it to the person(s) needing to see it.

Maybe it was for you.

Here it is again if you missed it: The Healing Will Follow

The absolute triumph of the situation was I didn't beat myself up over it.

That never happens.

Usually I am so mean to myself whenever I make a mistake especially one on a public platform like this. I didn't feel the need. Something about the whole thing felt preordained and who I am to argue against divinity and its timing.

Life is so much easier when we just let it happen. Mistakes and all.

Inward & Onward,

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