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Just One (Reflections)

The truth is we are not taught how to be kind and compassionate to ourselves. To help give us a framework write down five examples of people who have been kind to you at any point in your life. It could be a teacher, a parent, a therapist, a friend, anyone that understands your inherent value.

Next select one person from this list. Answer the following questions:

① What are the ways they showed up for you?

② How did/does being around them make you feel about yourself?

③ What traits make this person special?

④ What does their unconditional acceptance of you look like?

⑤ How do they celebrate you and your accomplishments?

Treat yourself like this person treats/treated you in all circumstances, whether the sun is shining or the clouds of life have appeared.

Require all other relationships to emulate this paradigm.

Do not settle for anything less.


John helps me remember I am a worthy when I struggle to remember this truth for myself.

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