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Good Times Squared

Like most parents, I'm pretty sure the veracity and volume of my cheering helps spur the success of my kiddos. My throat is always sore after a cross-country meet.

Totally worth it.

Last weekend's race was no exception. John, J.R., and I lined the caution tape which would funnel the runners into the finish line. This race I decided I wasn't going to look at the time and keep my focus on the horizon so I could better cheer on Keaton. I leaned over to John and said, "I hope Keaton is having an good time and that he has a 'good time'.

When the season began Keaton was so hyper-focused on getting faster he lost sight of the real goal which is to have fun. As he let go of outcomes he started to enjoy the process. The result is his times have steadily improved all season.

Still, I was not looking at that clock. I just wanted to see my boy pounding down those last yards and 'help' him out with my super-subtle (not) cheering.

I kept looking for our lead guy knowing Keaton would be on his heels. Instead Keaton burst on the scene so quickly, I almost didn't have time to react. Luckily, my lungs have muscle-memory and I managed to yell 'GOOOOOOOO!'.

He broke his personal record and took the lead spot on his varsity team all in one fell swoop.

When we caught up with him after, he assured me my cheering was a big part of his success. He's good to me like that.

I better rest my voice. The season isn't over yet.

Inward & Onward,

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Oct 23, 2022

Love he found his passion! Go Keaton

Diana DeVaul
Oct 27, 2022
Replying to

Yes! That’s what life is all about!


Oct 16, 2022

Roll on Keaton! Hard work and a fun outlook equals more PRs and a personal satisfaction knowing there is nothing you can’t accomplish :)

Diana DeVaul
Oct 16, 2022
Replying to

It was so humbling watching him make the connection that enjoying the process is how you create success. After his first race he stopped putting so much pressure on the number and vowed to have fun. I have learned so much from him this season. Thanks for cheering him on!😎

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