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Four Ways To ReConnect to your Spirit

Years ago I took a parenting course online with Dr. Shefali Tsabary. Her book 'The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children' was a vital tool for me as I navigated motherhood.

Prior to the start date there was an opportunity to interact with Shefali and my classmates in an online forum. The first question posted asked us what we needed in terms of parenting advice. I wrote the following:

"How can I teach my boys to follow their inner compass when I am unable to hear and then follow my own?"

In comparison (I know, not a great idea), my answer seemed way 'out there'. Everyone else wanted to know how to get their kids to change their behavior or improve their school performance. While I wanted guidance on some external parenting challenges, too, I felt called to take ownership of my internal experience first.

I share this story with you because I want to normalize how not normal it can feel to be on an awakening path. This is not a judgment of others, it is a recognition of how lonely it can feel to be the only one turning inward in a crowd.

That's why growing this community is important to me. I want to keep threading together the souls who want more peace and are ready to turn within.

In honor of that long ago question I posed, I want to share 4 easy ways to reconnect us to our inner knowing and spirit.

Walking Outside

The alchemy of an outdoor walk happens when we leave our airpods at home. It is a combination of the temperature against our skin, catching a glimpse of the sky, and hearing the noisy chatter of birds that brings us fully into this moment. This is how we began to hear the whisperings of our heart and soul.

Journal Your Way Back

When I am stumped on what to write the first thing I write is: "I don't know what to write'. It can take a bit to build momentum, but once you are in the flow of consciousness, the writing will pour out. The best part? It doesn't have to make any sense. I find about two or three pages in, that's when the real wisdom begins to surface. So be patient with the process. You will get there.

Have a Soulful Conversation

My heart feels different after a deep, thoughtful conversation with someone on the awakening path wavelength. Lighter. More Free. It is through these conversations that the truth I need to hear is revealed.

Get as Still as Possible

This doesn't have to be fancy or lengthy. It could be as simple as five minutes of just sitting and being with your own thoughts. Any time you allow yourself to pause, true insight has an opening to rise to the surface of awareness.

I hope you found these suggestions to be supportive on your path.

May your inner compass be clear and your next right step be illuminated with certainty.

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Thank you for reading.


Diana DeVaul
Apr 09, 2023

I think acknowledging how uncomfortable it is helps.

And getting still is challenging! I like that you have a centering practice before your coaching session.

I used to think going within would be the answer to everything, and it is eventually, but there’s just a lot of muck to get through to connect to those answers.

For me, the path within has become easier when I stopped expecting it to be easy.

Thank you for another insightful comment!🙏🏻


Apr 09, 2023

Great post! Indeed, the awakening journey is purposefully uncomfortable -- at least for me - "getting real" with myself on a path to a better place. Getting Still has been tough for this Type A guy -- but finding just a few moments prior to speaking with my VA Whole Health coach, has helped me focus on the moment -- and not be "as distracted" :)

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