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Life Has Other Plans

I've held a dream in my heart that someday I might train one of my dogs to be a therapy dog. To get you up to speed, I've had four attempts total: three failed and one pending.

My first ever dog, Kisses, was the sweetest girl, but life happened. I became a mom, my youngest was allergic to dogs for 5 very long, sad years, and by the time she returned home, she deserved to rest and savor her golden years.

Max, my very best friend, arrived when Kisses returned, also a golden senior. He didn't particularly want to be around people unless those people were me.

Then, Nora. Oh dear, sweet, quirky Nora. She has the temperament for a therapy dog in spades but would never pass the manners test. Never, ever.

So, this leaves me little, lively, Oakley. He loves all people and I am doing all the things to train him. Yet, I may still end up 0 for 4. Not for lack of trying, but because life has other plans for me.

What these plans are, I really can't say. If I'm meant to share Oakley's sunshine in a therapeutic way, that would be amazing. If I am meant to use my time and talents in another, yet-to-be-known way with Oakley doing his own puppy thing, that would be amazing, too.

I don't want to argue with life anymore.

Like Byron Katie says, 'if you argue with reality you are only wrong 100% of the time'.

This won't stop me from dreaming, but it will save my energy to use for the dreams that do arrive at my doorstep. Of course Nora will be barking like a maniac and Oakley will be too spastic to even notice, but that's okay.

I'll keep reaching for the stars making sure to let go of the ones meant for someone else so I can be ready to catch the ones that are mine.

Shine bright.

Inward & Onward

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Mar 27, 2022

Great words Diana! Goals are funny things - as you said life and reality tend to steer us to true north (a beacon in a way). The most rewarding experiences in my life have come to me in spite of my planning - career in the Navy, coaching, and volunteering. I look forward to reading others life journey tidbits. Keep it coming!!!

Diana DeVaul
Mar 27, 2022
Replying to

Yes! It’s the detours that can lead to really beautiful destinations. Thank you for reading!!❤️❤️

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