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Finding True Connection in A Hyperconnected World

There are days when I am holding the world in my hand, a simple scroll away from all the information I could ever want or need, and I end up feeling disconnected to those around me. Although I may know what my friends and loved ones ate for lunch, where they are vacationing, or their latest accomplishment, it doesn't feel real.

As humans, we aren't wired to hold a thousand stories in our hearts and minds at one time. We are meant to connect to one storyline, one human at a time.

Being hyperconnected isn't going away anytime soon, so it is important to take steps to regain our footing as life keeps zipping by.

Make Your World Smaller

Scroll a little bit less, unfollow an account or two (or twenty), and tweak your weekly schedule to include more time and space. Focus your energy on the things and people who make your feel centered and safe. Give yourself breaks to pause a little each day so you can know clearly what and who these are.

Invest in Face-to-Face Connections

Make an effort to see the people you care about in person. If you live far away, make time for real conversations over the phone or by video chat. When you are engaged in conversations with them, do everything in your power to be present. There is tremendous power in offering another compassionate listening. Hold their hearts with care and these relationships will continue to thrive.

Let it Be Weird

It's going to feel strange to disengage from the digital versions of other people. It will feel stranger still saying no to social engagements others will certainly be posting about. However, your spiritual health is a precious commodity. Please treat it as such. As your outer world begins to slow down, your inner world will blossom and sustain you.

Give Yourself Grace

Don't get mad at yourself if you get sucked down the rabbit hole of social media. Sometimes a video of a puppy held lovingly by a baby will feed your soul. Sometimes you aren't going to be able to say no to someone because your heart isn't loud enough to override your head. When those things happen, learn from them and then let them go.

There's always tomorrow. There's always new opportunities to cultivate true connection with others.

And when all else fails, start with you.

"You are a wonder, a marvel. Divinity expresses through you in all directions."

-Messages from the Sea

Inward & Onward,

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