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Dear Happiness (REFLECTIONS)

For me, happiness has ebbed and flowed throughout my life. In this Journal Reflections exercise I want us to explore this virtue in more depth. What might we learn if we asked Happiness directly? If we allow ourselves to get creative, we can tap into our (sometimes) silent, innate wisdom.

Start by writing a letter to Happiness and all the ways it has confounded you or blessed you with its grace.

Dear Happiness,

I don't feel like I deserve you. I am too moody and insecure. I'm mean and say cranky things. Then, there are days I'm so afraid of everything, I am certain our paths will never cross again.

But then, as much as my head and heart hurt sometimes and after my tears have dried, you knock on my door and we embrace as if no time has passed at all. I wish there was a way I could capture this feeling of us together and save it for when the inevitable clouds of despair float back into view.

Though you remain elusive at times, holding a memory of you sustains me.

It isn't close to being everything I would want, but it is enough.

Love, Diana

In response, write as if you were Happiness Itself.

Dear Diana,

You have never done anything to prevent me from returning. All beings are worthy of my company. You forget that being human is not an all or nothing experience. It's shades of gray and full of contrasts. How would you know love without fear? What would joy be if not anchored in sorrow's opposition?

You cannot know the light without the dark, but I promise you this light will never extinguish. It is eternal and true. You find it by loving and accepting your life as it is, all the ups and downs included. You find it by forgiving yourself for being human.




On constant repeat. Never stop forgiving.




The light finds a forgiven heart with more ease.

Go easy on you.



This exercise was inspired by a recent conversation I had with Moni Mack. She is a longtime friend, dedicated soul seeker, and a beautiful human inside and out. Please make sure to check her out on social. Her content is inspiring and from the heart. She's one of us!

Please join me on social for inspiration and some company on your path within...

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Sep 09, 2022

Forgiveness is a very hard thing to do I think especially as wives and moms.

Diana DeVaul
Sep 18, 2022
Replying to

Yes it is!❤️

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