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Body & Mind: A Hurricane Story

As Ian made landfall leaving destruction in its wake, we were uncertain of the impact on our little northeast island cove. When life is chaotic like this, routine helps me find my way. I channeled my uncertainty by attacking household tasks with fury. This allowed a zing of clarity to travel the length of my body as I fought my way through a heap of sea-breeze scented laundry:

I could not control the weather or what may happen to the island I call home, but I was loved and somehow this would be enough to sustain me.

We live across from the beach and though all logic pointed to our house being fine, this logic could not touch my anxiety.

What did my family do?

They rallied around me. They did not fight my need to move inland. They could see I was crumbling as I watched the raging sea outside our windows.

They helped me pack everything up and never once questioned my judgment.

I have never felt so loved, so held, so everything as I did in this moment.

Please make sure to honor your mental health as much as your physical safety whenever potential disaster looms. The mind and body work in tandem to keep us whole and healthy.

May all those in need find hope and help as the rebuilding begins and may all hurting hearts find unconditional love and acceptance whether within or without.

Oakley was exhausted after surviving his first hurricane and grateful to be safely back home.

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4 comentários

03 de out. de 2022

Your family is extraordinary. What a show of love and acceptance!

Diana DeVaul
04 de out. de 2022
Respondendo a

Thank you❤️ It was so amazing how they mobilized around me and embraced I needed to go. That is love in action!


02 de out. de 2022

Keeping true to yourself and validating others feelings during tumult. Perfect!!!

Diana DeVaul
02 de out. de 2022
Respondendo a

Thank you. Grateful to be home!

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