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Be Still and Fold (I Hate Laundry)

I have always loathed doing laundry. Through the years of my spiritual study all evidence seems to point towards not only finding peace amongst my folded linens and sorted socks, but this

endeavor shall open the doorway to enlightenment.

Be still and fold.

Be one with the socks. Fold every shirt or sheet with mindful attention. Notice the colors, feel the textures, savor the doing while immersed in the being.

I have tried all this and I have determined it remains 'Be still and NOPE'!

I still do not like laundry. Then, I got to wondering maybe it isn't my perception of this task that is faulty as it is, in fact, my authentic experience. It's possible the teachers who have found their

peace amongst the piles of laundry are simply a few steps farther on the path than I am. Maybe all their daily tasks are peace-inducing and maybe all of mine don't have to be.

So, I am letting us off the hook today. Not only am I granting us the grace to love what we love, but also, to dislike what we don't.

The upside is laundry is eternal, we have (literal) loads of opportunity for enlightenment ahead of us.

Max used to love his piles of fresh laundry. A total, embodied Zen Master.

Inward & Onward

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