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Be Amazed (FLOW)

Name a person or animal that loves you unconditionally.

I'm choosing my beloved (and now departed) dog, Max.

Write a letter to them and explain what you loved the most about them.

Dear Max,

Your ability to see me not with your eyes, but with your heart, anchored me through some pretty severe storms in my life. You only required that I show up as myself to win your trust.

You were strong and faithful, never questioning my value.

You were fully yourself in every moment, a trait I admired deeply.

You were brave and honest. It is because of your total acceptance of me, I began to believe I am not a project to be fixed or a faulty human in need of mending.

I am more whole, more free, and have more courage because you loved me.

I will love you forever and always.



Now, take this letter and rewrite it as if you wrote this letter to yourself.

Be Amazed.

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2 comentarios

24 jul 2022

Beautiful post Diana and so true! Our animals have this ability to simply be present in a loving and non-judgey way when we need them the most. I’m blessed with several people in my life I can call who will just listen when needed - so grateful for them. I hope I do the same when I get that call.

Me gusta
Diana DeVaul
24 jul 2022
Contestando a

Listening is such a beautiful way to show up for others. Pets are the best at this! They mirror back our True Selves. What a gift! You are a loyal friend, of this I am sure❤️💕

Me gusta
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